Francesco Maria Galassi

Francesco Maria Galassi, Dr. med.

Postdoc Assistant, Paleopathology and Mummy Studies Group

Phone: +41 44 635 05 40 (Room Y42 G86b)



  • 2015: Italian medical License
  • 16-28 March 2015: Neuroanatomy internship, Utrecht Medisch Centrum, Utrecht (NL)
  • October 2008-October 2014: M.D. (Dr. med), University of Bologna
  • 4 August-26 September 2014: 2-month Internship at the Neuropathology Unit, The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
  • 5-16 August 2013: Neural Circuit Development and Plasticity and Neuroscience Methods for the Social Sciences, Utrecht University Summer School, Utrecht (NL)
  • June-July 2010 (5 weeks): Gross Anatomy Course, NYU (New York University), NYC, USA
  • 2003 – 2008: Liceo Classico “G. Cesare-Manara Valgimigli”, Rimini, Italy

Work Experience:

  • 31 March-17 May 2015: Coworker at the Department of Sugery and Cancer Imperial College London: Surgery, Medical Classics and History of Medicine
  • 2010-2013: Tutor of human anatomy (University of Bologna)
  • October 2012-August 2015: Collaborator on research projects (Luigi Cattaneo Museum of Anatomical Waxes, University of Bologna)

Research Interests

  • Paleopathology, Pathography, Human Anatomy, History of Medicine, Medical Classics

Select Media Outlets

Academic Activities

Conference Presentations:

  • Neuroanatomy of Equality: Luigi Calori’s struggle for truth and integrity in science: International Amazing Models Symposium, Bologna IT, May 2014
  • De Morboso Ortu Antiquarum Fabularum Oratio (Latin): Liceo Classico G. Cesare, Rimini IT, June 2015

The Italian Paleopathology Project


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  • Galassi FM, Ruggeri A, Petti K. The Ercole Lelli horseshoe kidney wax model. Cover image and description. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, CJASN (accepted for publication, April 2016. Volume 11, No. 4)
  • Galassi, Francesco M; Ruggeri, A; Petti, K; Ashrafian, H (2015). Marvels of the Bologna Anatomical Wax Museum: their theoretical and clinical importance in the training of 21st century medical students. HAPS-Educator, 19(2):4-9.
  • Galassi, Francesco M; Ashrafian, Hutan (2015). Has the diagnosis of a stroke been overlooked in the symptoms of Julius Caesar? Neurological Sciences, 36(8):1521-1522.
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