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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine
University of Zurich
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Evolutionary Medicine Conference 2015

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  • Museum of Medicine

    As of January 2015, the IEM formally took over the responsibility for the to be launched "Museum of Medicine" (current location of the former Medical History Museum: Rämistrasse 69). In the following months further technical investigations and some refurbishments shall be undertaken, open positions shall be advertised and a first concept for the new museum - as integral part of the UZH museums - shall be developed. Please feel free to contact us anytime for any inquiries.More...
  • 100 days IEM celebration

    On December 16, 2014 the IEM celebrated 100 days of existence with music, apéro riche, and speeches by Prof. Hengartner (chancellor of the university), Prof. Althaus, Thomas Böni and Frank Rühli at Restaurant Uniturm. Find a few pictures on our facebook page:More...
  • New IEM-Newsletter out!

    The newest IEM-Newsletter (No. 7, December 2014) has been released.More...


Welcome to the official webpage of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM). In September 2014 the former Centre for Evolutionary Medicine (ZEM) was upgraded to the new Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM).

The IEM is a leading international and globally connected research, teaching and service institute which is part of the medical faculty at the University of Zurich. Researchers at the IEM analyse ancient biological material and associated data to better understand modern human health issues and diseases. Due to specialist scientific expertise, excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art methods, researchers at the IEM are able to work on such interdisciplinary research questions as ‘How does the past (for example the evolutionary origins of diseases) inform the present and the future?’ in the context of the field of Evolutionary Medicine.

Find more basic information about the IEM under The Institute, its Vision, the Mission Statement or the Institute Structure.

Spotlight on our Activities:


Together with Thomas Reichlin, the IEM members Sabrina Meyer, Frank Rühli and Martin Häusler were involved in the analyses of the skeletal remains from three adults who died in the Goldau landslide in 1806. Dr. Martin Häusler will present the results (published in Bulletin der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Anthropologie in 2013) during a semi-public talk in Goldau on Feb 19, 2015.