IEM-Symposium, June 5th, 2019: Perspectives on Human Body Height


On June 5th, 2019 there will be another Symposium at the IEM, to which we would like to invite you.

The topic is different perspectives on human body height. We will address global and local trends, the dynamics of growth, genetic and evolutionary aspects, as well as epidemiological and economic consequences. Last but but not least, the future of height research shall also be discussed.

In addition to Zurich-based senior scientists, internationally renowned experts such as Tim Cole, Barry Bogin, Gert Stulp, Zoltan Kutalik, and NCD RisC-member Andrea Rodriguez Martinez will also be speaking. Please find more information in the program (PDF, 1017 KB).

All talks are public events and the participation is for free. Registration is not required but desired via