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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Univer-Cities and changing environments



We are pleased to invite you to Univer-Cities 2023 (UC2023), a conference comprising keynote speeches, thematic sessions, and a mini-conference that focuses on the role of universities in urban development and climate change.

Please find the program here (PDF, 832 KB)

UC2023 will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on 19-20 November 2023, and is organized by a team of experts in urban studies, sustainable development, and higher education.

UC2023 aims to bring together academics, policymakers, and practitioners from different fields to explore the symbiotic relationship between universities and cities in the context of climate change and changing environments. The participants will discuss and strengthen a White Paper on Univer-Cities and changing environments.

Greeting words by the Rector of the University of Zurich, Prof. Michael Schaepman.

Confirmed Speakers: 

  • Prof. Gianmaria F. Ajani, Past-President of University of Turin
  • Prof. Bertil Andersson, Advisory Board Univer-Cities & Trustee, Nobel Foundation, Stockholm
  • Prof. Asit K. Biswas, Stockholm Water Prize Winner, Glasgow University
  • Sir L. Borysiewizc, Emeritus Vice Chancellor of University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Ben Horton, Dean Earth Observatory Singapore (EOS), NTU
  • Dr Gordon Johnson, Former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Cambridge & Twice President of The Royal Asiatic Society
  • Mr. Lim Chern Yuan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Yinson Holdings Berhad, Kuala Lumpur

  • Prof. Katharina Michaelowa, Department of Political Sciences, University of Zurich
  • Prof Cecilia Tortajada, Glasgow University & Mexico Water Institute, Glasgow
Gorner Glacier, Switzerland

Weiterführende Informationen

Conference venue

The Univer-Cities 2023 (UC2023) meeting will take place at the University of Zurich main building, Zurich, Switzerland. The University of Zurich is one of the leading research universities in Europe and is situated at the heart of the city, few minutes from the Zurich main station.

The keynote talks will take place in the Senate Room, floor E, coffee catering will be served in the room. 

Address:  Rämistrasse 71, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland  

Einstein's PhD Diploma

The doctoral certificate of Nobel laureate Albert Einstein, conferred by the University of Zurich in 1906, is on display in the entrance hall of the university’s main building. 


Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland with more than 400'000 inhabitants. First signs of settlement at the Zurich lake shore were dated 5000 years ago. The first mentioning of the name Turicum (latin for Zurich) was 57/58 BC. Today Zurich is a vibrant modern city with a high life quality and standard of living.

There are numerous guided tours, museums, parks, and other sightseeing possibilities in and around Zurich. Please visit the Zurich tourism website for a comprehensive overview:

Arrival by plane

Zurich International Airport ( has direct connections to 180 destinations and is only a 10-minute train ride from the Zurich main railway station in the centre of the city (trains are approximately every 10-15 minutes).

Follow the train signs in the airport to reach the train station; train tickets can be purchased at the counter or at self-service ticket machines («Zurich HB» as destination, and are valid on trains, trams, buses, funiculars and boats in the city).

Getting to the centre of the city by taxi costs about CHF 60.- (20-40 minutes, depending on traffic). In addition, tram 10 from the airport directly travels to the city centre in 40 minutes.

Arrival by railway

Zurich main railway station (ShopVille-Zurich main station) Intercity trains depart to popular Swiss destinations and some European cities as frequently as every 30 minutes. Also, most bus and tram lines run through main station.

To reach the conference venue you can take the tram Nr. 3 or bus Nr. 31 from the main railway station until the stop "Kunsthaus".

Being mobile in the city

Zurich has the densest public transport network (online.fahrplan.zvv.chin the world: S-Bahn express trains run every 15 or 30 minutes throughout the Zurich region; buses and trams run every few minutes. Tickets for Zurich can be purchased at machines in the train station and at almost all local tram stops and are valid for all forms of public transport (including funiculars and boats). Most of the machines take credit cards, in addition to coins. You can switch the machine to English on the first screen.


Zurich offers a variety of hotels at any price category. You can search for a hotel via Zurich Tourism ( Please make sure that you book your hotel including breakfast. 

Social events

The opening ceremony and conference dinner will be on November 19 at the historical guild house Storchen at the riverside, Weinplatz 2, 8001 Zurich (Speakers only).

Lunch and closing ceremony on November 20 will be at the Restaurant UniTurm in the University main building, with a scenic view over the city of Zurich (all conference participants).


For further information please contact the Conference Manager Nicole Bender,