Patrick Eppenberger

Patrick Eppenberger, Dr. med., Dipl. Industrial Designer FH

Paleopathology and Mummy Studies Group

Phone: +41 44 635 05 43 (Room Y42 G86a)


I graduated as an industrial designer from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and as a medical doctor from the University of Zurich with an MD thesis on magnetic resonance neurography and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).

After my first education I worked for design agencies such as Hannes Wettstein and Paolo Fancelli, in the field industrial and consumer goods design as well as in the development of medical technology (insulin pumps and devices for diabetic patients, orthopedic instruments).

Succeeding my MD thesis I followed residency training in radiology, forensic medicine, psychiatry and surgery and later worked as an attending physician in a psychiatric outpatient clinic in Zurich.

Throughout this time I continually pursued research in MRI and experimental X-ray imaging in, collaboration with the University Hospital of Zurich, before joining the Paleopathology and Mummy Studies Group of the IEM in May 2016.


  • Imaging of ancient mummified tissues and skeletons
  • Experimental Imaging techniques and image post processing methods (Terahertz, MRI, X-ray, CT)
  • Interdisciplinary visualization approaches (2D, 3D, Expositions)

IEM Clinical & Investigational Imaging Lab

The Paleopathology and Mummy Studies Group runs an imaging lab featuring a mobile X-ray device, for the use in museums or at excavation sites, a Micro-CT (Bruker Skyscan 1176), co-owned with the University Hospital of Zürich, as well as an optical 3D surface scanner (Polymetric PT-M4).

Imaging Facilities Webpage


  • Eppenberger, Patrick; Seiler, Roger; Rühli, Frank (2017). Evaluation of standard imaging modalities for the investigation of canopic jars. Paper presented at: The Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) Conference, Naples
  • Eppenberger, Patrick; Cavka, Mislav; Habicht, Michael; Rühli, Frank (2017). Radiological findings in Egyptian canopic jars – comparing three standard imaging modalities (conventional X-ray, CT and MRI) - first results. Poster session presented at: The 43rd annual meeting of the Paleopathology Association (PPA), New Orleans.