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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Releated Research

Ongoing Research Prof. Frank Rühli

Frank Rühli has published one book chapter and two scientific letter in work together with Maciej Henneberg which both address aspects of human responses also related to COVID-19. Furthermore he has another scientific letter in work with external collaborators on the issues of COVID-19 and global health policies. He is Editor of a whole book dedicted to the consequences of COVDI-19 on various parts of the Swiss society with the NZZ Libro publisher. Finally, he is also involved in several Corona-related tasks as part of his "outside professional activities". For further information on these please contact him directly

Club EvMed – International Journal Club on Evolutionary Medicine


The IEM is co-hosting a newly established - virtual only - international Journal Club on Evolutionary Medicine. The format focuses currently on the COVID-19 crisis and its relevant evolutionary perspectives. If you want to join this weekly Journal Club online feel free to contact him via


Protecting indigenous community from COVID-19 (Human Ecology Group)



Our group is involved in research on the lifestyle and health of the indigenous Tsimane' of the Bolivian Amazon through collaboration with the Tsimane’ Health and Life History Project. Indigenous people around the world may be especially vulnerable to COVID-19 given economic and political marginalization, lack of medical care, undernutrition and various comorbidities (especially other infectious diseases and parasites). To avoid bringing COVID-19 to the Tsimane’, all of our data collection has therefore been suspended indefinitely, and our local team of Tsimane’ research assistants and doctors instead focuses on providing information about the virus (see adjacent CDC poster translated into the Tsimane’ language), provisioning communities with food, medicine, and protective gear to facilitate isolation, providing basic medical care away from local town centers, conducting contact tracing of suspected or confirmed cases, and generally supporting efforts of the Tsimane’ government and communities to self-isolate. For more information, please contact Prof. Adrian Jäggi via

Ongoing Research Clinical Evolutionary Medicine Group (PD Nicole Bender MD)

Nicole Bender is collaborating with colleagues from the University of Bern on COVID-19 related research projects. Furthermore, she is working on a scientific letter in collaboration with colleagues from the IEM on aspects of human responses to COVID-19. For more information contact her via

Ongoing Research Anthropometrics Group (PD Kaspar Staub)

As Historical Epidemiology is one of the main topics of the group we are currently working on several projects on past pandemics in Switzerland, like the Spanish flu. A special focus is laid on interventions by authorities and the lessons learned for newly emerging viral pandemics nowadays (including COVID-19). Find more information on the ongoing projects here and/or contact