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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Publications related to COVID-19

K. Staub, P. Jüni, M. Urner, K. Matthes, C. Leuch, G. Gemperle, N. Bender, S. Fabrikant, M. Puhan, F. Rühli, O. Gruebner, J. Floris; 9.02.2021

K. Staub, F. Rühli, J. Floris; 12.11.2020

K. Staub, J. Floris; 18.09.2020

F. Rühli, P. Eppenberger, M. Henneberg: Do not call it COVID-19, it might have been the second wave; 17.9.2020

M. Henneberg, F. Rühli: COVID-19 and Evolutionary Medicine; 16.6.2020