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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

3D full body surface scans as a new technique to monitor body shape

Summary of Research

3D laser-based photonic full body scans create a detailed surface image of the human body consisting of up to 300 data points per cm3 within 10-12 seconds. The technique provides automatic information on a number of whole body or body-part circumferences, surfaces and volumes as well as body height and weight in a fast, non-invasive and comfortable way for patients. We are working on the following questions: What can we learn from the 3D point cloud as a whole to predict body composition and thus disease risk? Are there systematic differences compared to manual anthropometry? Which is the best way to compare follow-up scans from an individual over time? The medium-termed goal is to use 3D scans as a valuable asset in running or future panel/cohort studies and to enhance basic knowledge about the technique before smart phones will be able to take 3D full body scans in the near future.

Project Collaboration


  • Mäxi Foundation