Association between nutrition, body composition, and health outcomes

Summary of Research

This is the main research area of the research group and encompasses two main areas:

  1. Investigations in the Scan Lab: several studies investigate body shape using a 3D scanner and body composition using bioimpedance analysis (BIA). A cohort study comparing musculoskeletal patients from the Rheumatological Department of the USZ and the Department of Chiropractic of the University Hospital Balgrist with healthy volunteers starts in summer 2021. Outcomes of interest are body composition, visceral fat mass, body hydration, etc.
  2. Association between nutrition and health outcomes: several studies investigate the impact of specific diets or diet components on health outcomes. Methods are systematic reviews, meta-analyses, network-meta-analyses, and statistical analyses of large datasets. Examples encompass the association of omega 3-fatty acids and cognitive performance in children, the impact of a vegan diet on health and growth in children, the health impact of milk and dairy consumption, nutritional patterns in Switzerland, quality assessment of nutritional guidelines, etc. 


Project leaders





  • Mäxi Foundation
  • Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
  • Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office