Body height and waist circumference of young Swiss men as assessed by 3D laser-based photonic scans and by manual anthropometric measurements

Summary of Research

3D laser-based photonic full body scans provide detailed information on various body circumferences, surfaces and volumes as well as on body height and weight (using an integrated scale). From the literature, body-scans showed good feasibility, reliability, and validity, and good correlation with health parameters linked to the metabolic syndrome. However, one issue in body-scan studies are systematic differences between body-scan derived measurements and manual measurements. The aim of this study was to assess these systematic differences for body height, waist circumference, and BMI, using cross-sectional data from a homogenous sample of 52 young Swiss male volunteers. In addition to 3D laser-based photonic full body scans and correlative manual measurements, body-fat distribution was assessed through bioelectrical impedance analysis.