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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Imaging Facilities

Portable X-ray generator Gierth 200ML


Rated power: 2.5 kVA

Inverter frequency: 120 kHz

X-ray tube Toshiba: D-124

Focal Spot: 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm

Filter: 2.7 mm Al


Maximum power at different kV settings:

40 - 60 kV = 40 mAs

62 - 70 kV = 35 mAs

72 - 80 kV = 30 mAs

82 - 100 kV = 25 mAs


Weight: 11.2 kg

Dimensions: L x W x H (including collimator)   370 mm x 245 mm x 215 mm

Portable battery powered X-ray generator KaVo NOMAD Pro 2


Battery: 21.6 V DC Lithium Ion

Anode Current: 2.5 mA

Anode Voltage: 60kV true DC

Exposure Time Range: 0.02–1.00 s

Focal Spot: 0.4 mm

Filter: >1.5 mm Al equivalent

Weight: 2.7kg

Dimensions: L x W x H   280 mm x 140 mm x 270 mm

Digital X-ray detector Examion XDR L WiFi


Wireless detector 35 cm x 43 cm (14" x 17")

System: CsI Scintillator, TFT

Pixel Size: 141 μm

Resolution: 4.0 lp/mm

14-bit greyscale

On-board image storage

Digital X-ray detector Canon CXDI-810CW


Wireless detector 27.4cm x 35cm

System CsI Scintillator, TFT
Pixel size: 125 μm

Resolution: 4.0 lp/mm

16-bit greyscale

On-board image storage

Digital X-ray detector Carestream RVG 6500


USB connected detector 32.2 x 44.1 mm

System: CsI scintillator, optical glassfiber, CMOS

Pixel size: 18.75 μm

Resolution: > 20 LP/mm

Image size: 1440 x 1920

8-bit greyscale

In-house engineered portable CT setup


Based on our conventional portable X-ray equipment, this device allows the acquisition of cross-sectional images of specimens up to 400 mm in diameter under field conditions anywhere in the world and permits highly variable configurations.

Standard isotropic voxel size (spatial resolution): 300 μm.

Micro-CT scanner Bruker Skyscan 1076


The IEM is co-owner of a Micro CT scanner. It was installed as part of a research project in cooperation with the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital of Zurich, and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).


Technical Details: Skyscan Micro-CT 1176
Isotropic voxel size (
spatial resolution): 9 μm, 18 μm, 37 μm
Field of view in standard configuration: Ø 25 mm, length up to 200 mm


Location: University Hospital Zurich, Building LAB, Room B 71


For further information please contact Dr. P. Eppenberger.

High-resolution breast CT scanner


The IEM is also co-owner of a dedicated high-resolution breast CT
scanner, nu:view, AB-CT - Advanced Breast-CT GmbH, Erlangen, Germany;
field of measurement: Ø 200 mm x 160 mm, tube voltage: 60 kV, tube
current: 125 mA, isotropic voxel size: 0.15 mm.

Ultrasound bone densitometer


Since 2012 the IEM owns the following Ultrasound bone density measurement device:

For further information please contact Dr. Staub

3D scanner


Since 2013 the IEM owns a 3D surface scanner.

  • Technical details: Polymetric: 3D Scanner PT-M4
    measuring area 62 mm x 62 mm to 890 mm x 890 mm, lateral resolution 0.03 mm to 0.43 mm, depth resolution 0.006 to 0.054 mm (depending on measuring area).

For further information please contact Dr. Häusler