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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Mission Statement

We will increase the recognition of the research field of Evolutionary Medicine and expand academic teaching of the subject within and outside the Faculty of Medicine. This will be of a sustainable value for our stakeholders at the University of Zurich, in the research community of evolutionary medicine and adjacent areas, to the economy and ultimately for society in general. We also provide a medical history object collection of the scientific community.

To this end:

  • We shall contribute to the discussion of the values and policies, and assist in the implementation of the vision and objectives of the Medical Faculty at the University of Zurich.
  • We will maintain a transparent, respectful and mutually trusting dealing with our employees and all other stakeholders.
  • We will promote and demand ethical and team-oriented mindset amongst our staff and associated partners.
  • We are engaged in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary analysis, where we can support ourselves with in-depth disciplinary knowledge, high methodological expertise, excellent research infrastructure and a strong understanding of quality.
  • We will orientate a sustainability principle by careful use of resources, we take a critical look at the potential impact and always consider the social value of our actions.
  • We will continuously build a strong national and international network in the field of evolutionary medicine (and adjacent areas).
  • We will promote both individual and institutional development potential in our research, teaching and service sectors.
  • We make the latest findings from our and others research available to the public through various pathways.
  • We are creating a balanced funding environment through financial means of the University, project-related third party funds and demand-oriented service activities.