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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Katarina Matthes, Dr. sc. nat.

Katarina Matthes, Dr. sc. nat.

  • Deputy Head & Senior Research Assistant
  • Anthropometrics & Historical Epidemiology Group
+41 44 635 05 13 (Room Y11 G68)

I am a statistician and epidemiologist interested in understanding the effect of past epidemics/pandemics, specifically through the lens of socio-demographic disparities and inequalities. I am interested in both; the immediate effects, such as mortality and morbidity, and the long-term consequences, such as effects on health, mortality, or socio-economic status in adulthood resulting from exposure in-utero or during early life to a pandemic. I am also interested in historical epidemiology and the analysis of historical data collected from archives (e.g. birth weights, causes of death, diseases) using modern epidemiological and statistical methods. My research employs the analysis of mortality and morbidity trends, excess mortality and spatial mortality/morbidity patterns using various statistical methods, including survival analysis and competing risk models, infectious disease modelling or Bayesian statistical methods. I am MC member for Switzerland of the EU COST Action "The Great Leap. Multidisciplinary approaches to health inequalities, 1800-2022"

Research interests

  • Socio-demographic disparities and inequalities in past epidemics/pandemics
  • Long-term effects resulting from exposure in-utero or early life to a pandemic
  • Disparities and inequalities in mortality and morbidity trends
  • Maternal and neonatal health

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Research: Anthropometrics and Historical Epidemiology Group

Selected research projects are outlined on the webpage of the research group (led by K. Staub).