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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

Medical and Human Remains Collections Group ☛ Prof. Frank Rühli

The Museum, Medical Collection and Human Remains Group collects, manages and investigates different types of historic medical objects and human remains (bones, skeletal remains, mummified / soft issues).

Presentation of the Group

The Medical Collection is one of the most significant ones in Europe. More than 20’000 objects are currently being inventoried and prepared for scientific research. We are investigating different types of medical objects according to their provenance, inventors, manufacturers, materials and use in medicine. For our research we use historic manufacturer catalogues and other historic documents (medical journals, patent specifications, etc.). The collection focuses on medical instruments and equipment for diagnosis and therapy.

The human remains collection consist of samples of various time periods and origin. The samples are stored appropriately, registered, being conserved and used in many research projects (within the IEM and for collaborative work) and for academic teaching and qualification works. The IEM code of ethics is being applied.

The Museum of Waxmoulages is a collaboration of the University Hospial and IEM. It conserves, presents and investigates the Medical Wax Moulages of the University Hospital and additional wax objects.