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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

The Canopic Jar Project

Summary of Research

The Canopic Jar Project will establish novel research procedures and examine a larger series of ancient Egyptian human mummies and viscera samples from canopic jars in European and American museum collections in a truly interdisciplinary research setting. This inventive focus particularly on the contents of ancient Egyptian canopic jars can produce results, which are not obtainable by conventional ancient mummy research methods. The medical field will benefit from the understanding of pathogen evolution, which are of vital importance to increasing our understanding of the health and social structure of ancient Egypt.

Project Leader

Project Collaboration

  • Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI) at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, UZH

  • Histology at the Institute of Diagnostic Pathology, University Hospital Zurich

  • Radiocarbon Dating at the Institute of Particle Physics and Astrophysics, ETHZ

  • Forensic Pharmacology & Toxicology, Institute of Forensic Medicine, UZH

Selected Published Articles

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  • Mäxi Foundation

  • Athenaeum Foundation - Dietrich Götze Stiftung für Kultur und Wissenschaft

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