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Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM)

MAPPING Mental Health

Measuring and Assessing Presentation and Prognosis in Non-Industrialised Group’s (MAPPING) Mental Health

The MAPPING Mental Health network consists of researchers and clinicians interested in researching mental health in non-industrialised groups. Questions as to the biological, psychological, social and evolutionary causes of the conditions diagnosed as mental disorders are unresolved, despite decades of effort. Insight into humans living in the least industrialised societies provides a critical opportunity to observe whether and how such traits arise outside of novel environmental factors such as monetary systems, electronic technologies, and urban social living. The researchers involved in MAPPING Mental Health aim to collect data from human groups living in the least market-integrated and Westernised societies, before the rapid onset of urbanization removes all evidence of the natural state of human mental health.

Adam Hunt and Adrian Jaeggi initiated the network at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine in the University of Zurich in May 2023, bringing evolutionary anthropologists, cross-cultural psychologists and psychiatrists from across the world for a week-long workshop developing methods for investigating mental health in the least market integrated groups around the world.

Contact Adam Hunt or Adrian Jaeggi for more information.


Adam Hunt
Adrian Jaeggi

Nikhil Chaudhary
Kristen Syme
Duncan Stibbard Hawkes

Amber Gayle Thalmayer
Ian Wallace
Courtney Helfrecht
Ed Hagen

Deniz Gul Salali
Manvir Singh
Camila Scaff
Inez Derkz
Jordan Martin
Charlotte Debras
Abby Colby
Daniel Hoffman
Julia Rotzinger
Selma Uugwanga

Riadh Abed
Charlotte Van Den Driessche
Giuseppe Pierpaolo Merola
Alfonso Troisi
Tanay Katiyar
Thibaut East